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I am a 21 year old Canadian artist currently enrolled at Brock University for Studio Art, with a background in Earth Sciences. Growing up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, I have always been interested in creating artwork. Being involved in the arts for most of my teenage years, I wish to pursue a career in education as a university professor in British Columbia in the future. My research interests include surrealism, portraiture, drawing and sculpting. Some mediums that I frequently use are pencil crayons, oil paint, and clay.
I was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario and spent most of my childhood exploring my surroundings. Growing up I had an odd fascination with the unknown and conspiracy theories, which is why I enjoy focusing on surrealism in recent years. While viewing my work, one can experience many experimental features as I like to explore different mediums as much as possible and push beyond boundaries.

About Me: Bio
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